You can be a digital nomad practically anywhere in the world, however, with that being said, there are definitely countries that are more “digital” friendly. Canada is an awesome country, but is it a good country to be a digital nomad in?  Find out what we have discovered about being a digital nomad in Canada.


One of the main draws to being a digital nomad is travelling and exploring different countries and cultures. Well, Canada is definitely a great country to visit. There are plenty of things to see and do – whatever your budget or interest. During summer you can go hiking, camping or kayaking, check out one of the free city festivals or events, or chill by one of the many lakes. During winter you can try out snowshoeing or skiing, visit one of the city’s Christmas markets or just relax with a hot cup of cocoa. Many of these activities are free or cost very little (with the exception of skiing/ snowboarding).

Another advantage to being a digital nomad in Canada is that no matter where you are in Canada you will be able to find a stable wi-fi connection. There are also plenty of places that offer complimentary wi-fi, such as libraries, cafes, fast food places, supermarkets. Some cities even have free public wi-fi in popular public areas.


Canada is expensive! Though there are plenty of free or cheap activities to keep you busy in Canada, the cost of living is expensive. In the main cities, housing prices are high. Food prices are high. Tax on goods and services in most provinces is around 15%. And, phone and Internet is expensive. Canada is actually amongst the top most expensive countries in the world for phone service providers.

Another potential issue for digital nomads wanting to base themselves in Canada is finding short-term accommodation. This will largely depend on the time of year and city, however you should be mindful of when the peak seasons are (June – September) and when the public holidays are. Finding accommodation during these months can definitely be a challenge, particularly if you want to base yourself in touristic towns such as Whistler, Jasper or Banff. Airbnb is a good option, as well as university billboards, Kijiji or Craig’s List.

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If you are able to budget your spending, then it definitely is possible to be a digital nomad in Canada, though perhaps not as easy as some of the cheaper countries to visit, such as Central America or South East Asia. Canada is still a fabulous place to visit.

If you are able to maintain a stable, good earning through your digital nomad career, then Canada will pose no or little issue for you. However, if you are just starting out in the digital nomad world, than perhaps Canada should wait until you’re more established. As a bare minimum you will want to be earning at least $800 per month to cover the cost of living (accommodation, food, internet), more if you are basing yourself in a city such as Vancouver or Toronto, or if you like lots of luxuries.

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