Asia is often a favourite for nomads due to the low cost of living, friendly people and great food. Depending on where in Asia you go, there are a few essentials which you will need that are universal.

Plan a route

Asia is a big place and sometimes harder to navigate than others, so make sure you plan a route before you go. The route doesn’t have to be set in stone and you will most likely make adjustments along the way according to recommendations and time constraints. The route will then give you a better idea of:

  • Visas you need
  • Vaccinations you will need
  • Things to bring with you


Your nationality determines what type of visa or travel documentation you need and how easy it will be to attain it. If for example you’re from the UK then going to Thailand means you can usually get a holiday visa on entry, however if you’re going to Vietnam then you will need to apply well in advance and maybe even go to the embassy in London. One you have planned your route you can then work out which countries you will be visiting and therefore which visas you will need to think about. Don’t forget a lot of visas are based on dates which you need to stick to, so it’s best you decide these dates in advance too and stick to them if you can.


Asia has mosquitoes, a lot of them, so anti-malarial tablets are essential if you go to an affected area. In addition to this there are many different vaccinations you may need prior to going so make sure you consult your doctor and get the relevant ones for your trip and see this guide.

Things to bring

  • A dry bag – you can use this for loads of things including beach days, water activities, to store your dirty clothes and as a float if you really need it (we hope you don’t).
  • A good padlock for your bag – lets face it you can get through a zip using a biro pen but nonetheless locking your zip on your bag or a secure cupboard is still essential to keep your belongings as safe as they can be.
  • A mini medical kit – anti-diarrhea tablets, rehydration powder, some plasters, bite/sting cream and anti-ceptic wipes.
  • A good plug adapter for Asia.
  • A non-bpu plastic water bottle – apart from avoiding harmful plastics you need to avoid any sort of tap water (unless you’re in a nice place in Singapore) but also most importantly you need to stay hydrated.
  • Mosquito net – if you’re staying in a malaria risk zone.
  • Mosquito repellent – needed most places if you want to avoid being covered in red spots.

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