This article is not going to go indepth into this topic, as there already thousands of comprehensive guides online which detail how to make money online. We are just going to provide you with an overview of the main methods we hear that digital nomads use to make money online. Because digital nomads are location independent, they require location independent sources of income (surprise surprise!). The best way to have a location independent source of income is usually via a website (and freelances too). Making money from a website can be full on e.g. an ecommerce site dealing with sales, enquiries, returns, etc. but also they can be quite passive e.g. blogs, affiliates, resellers, white label, etc.

Right now we are going to focus on simple and passive ways to make money online and delve into the rest in a later article. So lets get started!

Affiliate Advertising

As an affiliate your job is to attract people over to a particular company in order for them to make a sale, get an enquiry or simply get traffic. Each time you attract a customer to their website for them, they pay you a fee, commission or percentage of the money that customer brings them. Sounds straightford? How you do this is upto you but the usual way is to have a blog which is attracting a lot of traffic and then to place Google Adsense advertising on the website and it will automatically display ads for you. Each time somebody on your blog clicks on the ad… you will make money. There are loads of other affiliate advertising websites you can use to make money from adverts on your website however Google Adsense is really easy and straightforward to set up.


As a reseller you can purchase goods online and then resell them on your website for a higher price in order to make a profit. This is best done with digital products as you don’t want to be handling physical products while you’re sat on a beach in Thailand. Digital products include things like e-books, software, music, courses, guides, website memberships, etc. Some people resell web hosting, domain names and other web related products which can be delivered and administered online. Alternately you could dropship – this means you sell a product and it goes directly from supplier to customer and you don’t touch it. This is great as it means you don’t need to buy stock or handle the products.

Membership or Online Course

If you have a great website which people want to become a member of e.g. a specialist forum, then you can charge for memberships. Here’s an example – Ben Jones (BJ for short) is a fitness guru, he provides tips, guides and personalised advice through his website. BJ gets amazing results and the word spreads that on his website people can sign up as members and then they too can get his personalised advice to help them with their fitness. As demand grows he starts charging for memberships or offers a pro membership which is chargeable and makes money for each sign up. He now makes an income from his website and builds a loyal band of followers, many of whom will be repeat customers as they pay to keep their membership or subscription after a month, year or whatever. You could also create your own online course using something like Moodle and charge for access to your course. There are so many ways you could go with memberships, online courses and alike, we are just planting the seed to get you thinking about what you can offer people and in return make money – how can you create value?

Ok so we are keeping the list short for now and we will be adding to it in the future. Hopefully this will get your brain thinking about making money online and you now know probably the top 3 ways to do this effectively while travelling. These won’t be overnight successes, websites always take time to build up and can be painfully slow at doing so. The key is to niche, specialise or have something unique which people need. We recommend that no matter what website you have, you should have a blog on it, content is king these days and if you want to be found in the search engines then you need one!

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