Some people think that it’s impossible to mix travel and entrepreneurship. Travel has always been associated with leisure, while the latter used to be just long, sleepless nights slaving away at an office. The business owner had to be really devoted to his own company or factory and should not be accorded time to travel and take vacations. Fortunately, this kind of thinking has been abandoned, and business owners have long been enjoying vacations and trips purely for pleasure.

In the Internet age, business and travel have also taken a new shape. Some businessmen travel for weeks on end, exploring different cities in a specific area to write about new sights, trails, the best food haunts and which places to stay at. It’s a wonderful, new world of adventure and there’s no stopping these business-minded people from furthering their goals and expanding their teams – while hopping from plane to plane.

How can he do this? There are different tools which connect global nomads to their teams or companies, and it doesn’t matter where in the world he may be, as long as there’s good Internet connection. Apps like Trello, Slack, Skype, Go to Meeting and other similar program connect team members from different locations and time zones. One can simply send messages all day from Skype or Google Hangouts.

Being a constant traveler does not take away from their focus as business owners or entrepreneurs. Most of the time, they sell a physical product, or earn through ads or by being an affiliate to hotels or airline companies. It’s not impossible. Take a look at this infographic on how to run a business while traveling for months on end!

Here’s the visual, and you will soon find yourself flying to your next destination as a traveling businessman.

Travel and entrepreneurship

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