When you go to a new country, its difficult to know how safe the water is. Different people are able to handle different levels of water cleanliness and so here’s our guide to whether the water is drinkable, or not.¬†Here is a handy¬†guide to which countries you can generally drink the tap water in.

Tips for countries where the tap water is not drinkable

  • Avoid brushing your teeth with tap water if you can
  • Avoid ice while you are in bars, restaurants or hotels
  • If you cook with tap water, make sure that it boils fully to kill any bacteria or virus’ in the water
  • Buy bottled drinking water (if staying for long periods of time, buy the big 5L bottles and a pump)
  • Be careful with fruits or salads as they may have been washed in the tap water
  • Avoid soup unless you know it was made with bottled water or boiled fully

Take your own reusable bottle

Plastic bottles are killing our environment. They end up in the see, on the beaches, landfill or generally littered everywhere. It’s hard to recycle them in many countries as a lot of them don’t recycle anything and so we would recommend you take a solid reusable water bottle of your own. Also there are harmful plastics out there which are not recommended for reusing as they contain BPA or other chemicals which you want to avoid. If you tend to leave your bottle out in the sunlight or if you want to make sure that you have a bottle that will last then we would highly recommend a stainless steel bottle.

See below for some recommendations:

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