To quit or not to quit, that is the f*&king question. Actually I don’t like the word ‘quit’, it denotes that you’re giving up something and that isn’t always strictly true. Sometimes in life you need to know when to take a time out, rebuild, reinvent yourself, plan and get going again. You know recently my lacrosse coach, a great guy from New York living in Barcelona for 12 years, told me that every 4 years shit hits the fan. Whether that’s because of money, work, relationships, health, accommodation, family, whatever, you can almost guarantee life won’t go exactly to plan all of the time. Even those people who always seem to have things go their way won’t actually be gaining life experience and that’s just as damaging. So if something is going wrong right now and you need to get back to your home country or change the plan in some way… then that’s perfectly ok. It’s a part of life and you’re not a failure.

Being a digital nomad isn’t simple, being away from your home country, family and base usually never is, so if you need to go back for a while to regroup then do it. For me there is nothing better than going back to England after 6+ months of being away and then having my mum cook me dinner, do my washing, feel at home and be around family members. I might be home for just a weekend, a couple of weeks or even a few months. It’s important to do this, not just to save money and sort things out but also just to keep up your moral and remind you about what is important to you in life.

So anyway, at the moment I am in a predicament, if you want to call it that. I have been steadily building up my business for 4 years (since I graduated) and it has allowed me to travel a lot and work via the internet. Finally now it’s my financial year end and I’ve made the same amount of money as I did last year and the year before. So I have decided to close up shop and work for a while in Barcelona, where I am currently staying. This doesn’t mean that I am no longer a digital nomad, I am, but I am taking some time out to earn some fucking money, network, learn some new things and then hopefully before the year is out start a new business and move to Melbourne. Taking time out allows you to learn, rebuild and come back stronger than ever. The time also will give you that appreciation you may have lost, so that next time you are abroad again you will see everything with fresh eyes and feel that wow feeling again.

What I am trying to get across to you is that being a digital nomad is not a rigid category you are being placed into. There are varying degrees to which you live as a digital nomad and at times you may dip in and out of the lifestyle. I think it’s really cool that people can take certain aspects, ignore others and choose to create a lifestyle that suits them. There’s no shame in taking some respite back home again for a while (in fact I would recommend it) and you can always pick up from where you left off. If you really have the travel bug, then I can almost guarantee you’ll be travelling again in no time anyway so there’s nothing to worry about.

If you feel like you’re in a bit of a sticky situation then talk it through with somebody, get your ass on skype and reconnect with good friends… a problem shared is a problem halved right, you never know you might even get a ride from the airport (stranger things have happened). Although I never do, asking somebody for a lift from the airport gets you this…

nomad getting to the airport

Anyway if you feel like quitting being a digital nomad or being a traveller then don’t worry, you’re not quitting! You’re taking some time out to get yourself sorted so you can get back to living a lifestyle that you love. If you have any experiences like this you would like to share, then we would love to know. Please comment or send us a message so we can help our fellow digital nomads.

Positive vibes!

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