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We are Jane (58) and Duncan (60) from To Travel Too, a Baby Boomer Travel Blog written by Baby Boomers for Baby Boomers.

Our 2 tag lines: “Age is no barrier when it comes to travel” and “Chase time not money”.

To Travel Too was founded in 2013 when we both decided it was time to get out of the cubicle, out of the day to day corporate jobs and give back time to ourselves. Our two sons had flown the nest and were enjoying their careers and their lives, it was our time to travel and enjoy our later years! We downsized, sold up everything and hit the road and have not looked back since.

In 2013 we set off on a 12-month RTW journey that took in South America, North America, Europe and Asia. We arrived back into Australia in 2014 and enjoyed a new experience for us – housesitting! With experience under our belt we hit the international scene in 2015 and enjoyed housesitting in Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua and Panama. This year 2016 we have travelled to Thailand, Spain, Sweden, France, Montenegro, Croatia and taken a repositioning cruise to Panama where we are currently housesitting till January 2017.
Our adventures can be followed on: www.totraveltoo.comFacebookTwitterInstagram & Pinterest

1- What inspired you to decide to live this nomad lifestyle?

Our eldest son, Robert was our inspiration. In 2012 he hit the road for 12 months with a mate of his for a late gap year. We happened to meet up with them in Santorini after stalking them on Facebook for the last 8 months. Their stories and their adventures really hit the mark – the seed was sown.

2- Is a travel lifestyle as glamorous as people think?

Well it is and it isn’t. Certainly the places that we have travelled to have been exotic, exciting and we have had some amazing adventures. At times, travelling can be exhausting, but these days because we have time we have really slowed down our travel, meaning e.g. if we enter a country and we can stay for 3 months on a tourist visa, we stay for 3 months. Our first year on our RTW trip we were on the go every 4 days, that was exhausting, we look back and wonder how we did it, but we did give ourselves touch down points in Oia, Santorini and in Koh Phangan in Thailand where we spent a month in each.

3- What keeps you motivated to keep on travelling?

Waking up in a new city or country knowing that you are going to experience new sights, smells and culture.

4- What do you love most about long term travel and what do you dislike most?

We love long term travel, we can live like a local in places that we had never ever thought of living e.g. Ometepe Island in Nicaragua, Boquete in Panama and Canoa in Ecuador to name a few but our favourite (we don’t really have favourites, this was an exception) was Tepoztlan in Mexico.

We can honestly say there is nothing that we dislike about long term travel.

5- Have you had any major troubles on your travels?

Back in 2013 we had our credit card skimmed in Cusco, Peru. An inside ATM which we thought was safe but turned out had a skimming device on it, we only realized only after we could not withdraw cash a couple of days later. Cash Passport came to the rescue and sorted it out in a timely manner.

In 2015 travelling by bus from Quito Ecuador to Otavalo in Ecuador we had our passports and half of our credit cards stolen out of our backpack. Also in Ecuador our laptop was stolen at a restaurant.

Currently we are working with Qantas Cash to sort out a disputed transaction placed on our card in Barcelona in June.

6- How can you afford long term travel?

Although we are not at the official Australian retirement age of 67 we have set ourselves a target to travel on the Australian Aged Pension which is AUD92/US$65 per day for a couple. We have a rental property in Sydney that covers that figure, but we mix our travels up between housesitting and staying in apartments or hotels. Housesitting brings our costs down as well as slowing down travel, so we can treat ourselves to higher cost destinations when the need arises e.g. Europe in Summer.

Our website is now starting to earn us some $$$ as well.

7- Where are you now and where are you going next?

We are currently in Boquete in Panama house sitting till mid January where we are planning to head towards Mexico or Florida. We will be travelling to Cuba for the month of February and from mid March to mid June we will be house sitting in Barbados. We will then head to Europe for 3 months, maybe Jordan and then Asia and home to Sydney for Christmas 2017.

8- Of all the places you’ve been, which one would you recommend for digital nomads and why?

Chiang Mai is the hub for digital nomads, it has good fast Wi-Fi, and accommodation is good value and great networking opportunities for those on the road.

9- What item/gadget don’t you travel without?

Our 4 sockets Australian power board – we would be lost without it as we travel with 2 laptops, 2 iPads, a camera and 3 phones – 2 iPhones and 1 Samsung. The ability to charge 4 items at once saves us valuable time.

10- What advice would you give to someone who is about to start long term travelling?

Most important is to have a budget and stick to it, a good travel insurance policy and go with the flow – the best-made plans can go awry.

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