This time we bring you a list with the best books about digital nomad life. These are a must read for those thinking about starting a life as a digital nomad but they will also be extremely useful for actual digital nomads as they contain an enormous amount of knowledge acquired by the writers through their own experiences.


Digital Nomad by Tsugio Makimoto and David Manners

This book was written in 1997 and it seems to be the origin of the phrase “Digital Nomad”. It is a highly readable book on how technology will change our working lives in the 21st Century. As companies downsize, merge, de-merge and acquire to obtain the capabilities they think they need, people will be forced to ask themselves: Am I a nomad or settler? This choice will become a mainstream lifestyle option and this book will explore this proposition.


The 4-Hour Workweek By Timothy Ferriss

Originally published in 2007, this book is credited with bringing the concept of location independence to the mainstream. In The 4-Hour Workweek, Timothy Ferriss explains that there is a new subculture of people in the world who have figured out that the 9-5 grindstone doesn’t really fire up their imaginations to any great degree. Instead, they organize their lives and follow a set of uncommon rules which typically allows them to work less than four hours a week but earn more in a month than most people do in a year. Definitely a must-read, one of the most inspirational books out there. 


Be a Digital Nomad: A Making It Anywhere guide by Michelle Slade

Be a Digital Nomad It’s not a step-by-step guide or a blueprint to follow. It’s actually a collection of blog posts that you can get for free at – only buy this book for the convenience of having everything neatly categorised into relevant topics and delivered to your Kindle or your door.


The Suitcase Entrepreneur: Create freedom in business and adventure in life by Natalie Sisson

Everybody has the right to build a business from anywhere and design a lifestyle they love. That’s what this book will teach you to do. If you’ve always thought that having the freedom to do what you want when you want was just a pipe dream, then think again. This book will teach you the nuts and bolts of setting up an online business you love and give you the blueprint to create your ideal lifestyle and create freedom in business and adventure in life.


Digital Nomad: Work online, Travel the world, live a location independent lifestyle by Dave Brett

This book contains everything needed to understand the basics of working online and travelling the world. David Brett will teach you how to become a Digital Nomad with easy to follow steps that he’s personally followed based on his past 10 years of experience travelling round the world living a Nomadic lifestyle.


Be a Free Range Human: Escape the 9-5, Create a Life You Love and Still Pay the Bills by Marianne Cantwell

For Marianne Cantwell, Free Range Humans are “a growing tribe, easily spotted by the smiles on their faces on Monday mornings.” They are people that have figured out what they want to do with their lives and they are doing it, right now. They choose when, where and how they work, and get paid to do what makes them come alive. They have decided to live their life every day, not just weekends. Be a Free Range Human is a valuable contribution for those new to personal growth and struggling with work-life balance.

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