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    Calling all bloggers! Share your experiences here. For some inspirations here are some questions you could share with us all:

    – What are the best things about being a blogger?
    – How have you grown and developed your blog?
    – What are the challenges you face as a blogger?
    – What advice would you give a new blogger? (like me!)
    – What was the inspiration for you to start your blog?
    – Can blogging become a full time job (and provide a salary to fit)?

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    Hi guys,

    So I am a brand new blogger and have recently launched http://www.barcelona.life, a blog providing all of the best recommendations for holidays, travel, sightseeing, eating and drinking and moving to the amazing city of Barcelona!

    If any one has any advice for a newbie like me that would be much appreciated. I’m currently using a combination of twitter, pinterest, facebook and instagram to gather followers and interest and I am hoping that my traffic will gradually pick up the more I can get good content onto my blog. What have your experiences been with social media and generating interest and traffic to your blog?

    Also, I have to ask… how do you stay motivated? I was full of enthusiasm at first but can see my motivation staring to decline, especially as a one man band. Maybe some changes of scenery and working from some nice cafes around the city (with people around me too!) will help? Any advice for what has worked for you would be great!


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    Hi Paddy,

    Nice blog!

    Regarding motivation take some inspiration from this article about how to motivate yourself to go to the gym more: http://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2012/01/this-is-why-you-dont-go-to-the-gym/251332/

    Half way down it cites a 2009 study which says that to push through the motivation slump after you initially sign up, you need to start paying yourself. Replicating this to your blog, you could pay yourself for every article you write if you need to pump out content quickly or if you’re going for quality, incentivise yourself by paying yourself based on the number of people who read your post/who comply with the call to action.

    Good luck and keep me posted

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    Great idea and article, sounds like the perfect way to build up some motivation… reward is so important! Maybe I will pay myself in chocolate or wine haha

    Thanks again!

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