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    Welcome wayfarer! We want to make a really helpful community of nomads around the world and you can help by following these basic guidelines.

    1) Set yourself a profile photo

    Please set a real photo for your profile. Anonymous people are a little creepy.

    2) Please try to…

    When starting a new topic, please ask ONE question, in proper grammar and capitalization. For example, instead of naming your thread “travel insurance europe”, name it “What’s the best travel insurance for digital nomads in Europe?”. That way we can keep this place organised and helpful.

    3) Be nice

    No personal insults, bullying, sexism, racism or any other bullshit “Ain’t nobody got time for that”.

    4) Don’t post any form of advertisement

    This is a community of digital nomads helping each other out but not for posting ads of any kind. Any advertisements (apart from in rare occasions) will be removed along with the profile.

    5) Don’t promote yourself or others

    Don’t promote your products/services/startups unless it’s absolutely relevant in the context of the discussion. Links are always nofollow on here, that means you won’t get your SEO juice posting it here at all. We have an exception when it’s a 100% non-profit project you’re promoting with no commercial goal now or in the future AND it’s relevant for digital nomads.

    6) Don’t use affiliate or marketing links

    Don’t use affiliate links in your posts when linking to products you talk about

    7) Post relevant answers to questions. No random waffling please.

    8) Please do NOT discuss or mention (instant ban if you do)

    • internet marketing
    • affiliate marketing
    • lifestyle marketing
    • dropshipping
    • info products
    • life coaching
    • herbal supplements, health products and quackery
    • black-hat & grey-hat SEO (just make good stuff and Google will notice)
    • tax evasion (that’s illegal and different from tax avoidance, which IS legal)
    • anything illegal
    • or anything else that makes the world a worse place

    9) Legal
    By using, posting or reading on http://www.nomad.guru, you agree to these legal terms. In short, that means we’re not responsible if you follow the advice on this site and get hurt, and you give us a license to use everything you write here to publish.

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