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    To get started with introducing yourself in the forum, here’s a little guide of questions you could answer if you’re stuck:

    • what’s your name?
    • where are you from?
    • how long have you been away from home?
    • what do you do for work?
    • where are you currently?
    • where are you going next?
    • what has been your favourite┬ámemorable moment so far?
    • when are you planning on returning home?
    • what have you learnt during your time as a nomad?

    Our forum is just getting started and therefore is looking really empty at the moment. Please feel free to start your own topics, reply to other nomads, make friends and generally help us to start a community. Thank you for helping us to build this nomad ship!

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    I’ll get this started!
    I’m Lewis , 27 and from England.
    This time I have been away for a year so far and no sign of going back any time soon. I just love the great weather and different foods you get abroad.
    I run a website support, website design and internet marketing company based in London.
    Currently I am living with my girlfriend who is also a digital nomad, in Barcelona Spain.
    We are still planning where to go next. Trying to weigh up cost of living, quality of life and learning a language. It’s hard to decide when there’s a whole world out there to choose from.
    My favourite memory so far is seeing a dad on rollerblades (the full kit) and his disabled son in a wheel chair racing down to the beach. In Barcelona everyone is on wheels and there’s no shame in getting involved and having fun.
    Planning on returning back to England when children are on the way so we can be closer to family.
    Since becoming a nomad I have realised the value of time over money. I’ve learnt (well, Spanglish) Spanish. I now know a lot about Catalan people and the unique cultures within Spain. I’ve learnt to relax and take things at a more easy pace of life, like the Spanish do.

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    I’m Chris Tweten, 25, from Winnipeg (Canada).

    I’ve been away for a bit over 2 years now. I had a 3D printed fashion startup in China and then a small marketing agency. I’m a growth hacker, I do marketingand growth strategy for early stage startups.

    Right now, I’m developing my startup, FindMyNode – which is like AirBNB for professional spaces (coworking, meeting rooms, conference halls) in Bangkok. I’ll be here for the next 6 months at least, possibly longer.

    I’ll probably visit home sometime next year, but I don’t have set plans yet!

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