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    As a blogger and digital nomad I am currently living in sunny Spain but that travel bug has started to speak again so I am starting to think of where to head to next. I have heard from various people that Chiang Mai in Thailand is a great place and very popular with other nomads due to the weather, availability of internet cafes and culture.

    I am looking for somewhere with good weather (at least most of the year), interesting culture and a place where I can easily meet other people. Although Europe is great as it is quick and cheap to fly back home to UK, I am up for trying anywhere in the world!

    Does anyone have any recommendations, advice or stories?


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    Can’t offer any advice on this as it’s up to you completely and you’ll work out what to do. This morning I did hear a great story of a British couple moving out to Spain. They didn’t know where to go so the man said to his girlfriend “I’m going to pick two random Spanish teams to manage on Football Manager 2015 and whichever one I get promoted first is the town we’ll go to live in.”

    In the end, he got Torrevieja promoted and they moved there!

    Point being, you could try something whacky like this and see where you end up. Pin the tail on the donkey style and create a blog around that.

    Good luck!

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