If you’re like me and you hate the local TV in the country you are currently living/staying in, then you may have tried catchup or ondemand TV over the internet. Many of you are probably getting the dreaded “not available in your country” error or something similar to this.

The reason for this is because your IP address, which is a unique address you’re assigned while on the internet is telling the TV website that you’re in another country. TV licensing and intellectual property rights normally restricts for example British TV being viewed by IP addresses which are outside of Great Britain.

Fear not, there is a way around this!

Using a VPN to watch TV online

You need to sign up to a VPN service, which stands for Virtual Private Network

This sounds a lot more complicated than it is (for those tech dinosaurs anyway). It’s simply you connecting to a secure network which in turn connects to the internet for you. Your connection to the network and beyond is all encrypted which means the TV websites cant see where you are based, but instead where the network you are connected to is.

With this in mind you can set-up your VPN by signing up with a VPN company such as HideMyAss and then from there they will give you login details and a link to download the software onto your PC/Mac/Mobile for which you will use to make the connection.

Once setup you can select to connect to servers/network in your home country by selecting which country you want to make the connection to. So if BBC iPlayer isn’t working outside the UK then you can connect to the UK VPN servers for the VPN company and as if by magic you can watch catchup again.


You are basically connecting to a secure server/network in the country which you select. In turn the network is connecting to the website for you. The website see’s the IP address of the server/network is in the same country and so then allows the content to be played. VPNs are also good for keeping your traffic encrypted and secure while you’re browsing. See more about this in our WORKING SECURELY WHILE TRAVELLING article.



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