Working out where to go next can be for some people an obvious choice but for others it takes some careful consideration. Most of us have been in the same shoes and struggled to work out where would be the best place to visit next. There are multiple factors which go into making this decision and we have compiled what we think are the most important to consider.

  • Where have you always dreamed of going
  • Work considerations
  • Cost of living
  • Quality of life
  • Safety

Where have you always dreamed of going

This is for most people the most important thing to get right. Travelling is about seeing the world but more importantly it’s about seeing places which are significant to you and your life. It might be nice to visit every place on earth however if you have always wanted to see New York… that might be a good place to start. Try making a list of all the places you want to visit and then order it in some way e.g. by cost of living.

Work considerations

Working should be funding your travels (if you need it to) and so you should consider where there are good opportunities for you to continue to earn a living. Your work may be using the internet and so a place with great internet connections like South Korea could be suitable, or you might need to be able to speak the local language for work and so this also plays a part. This doesn’t have to be a deciding factor, however always consider how the place will impact your work because your income is like the fuel which goes into the engine to fuel your travels.

Cost of living

Different countries have a huge difference in cost of living. Most digital nomads prefer to go to places like South East Asia where the cost of living is low and the culture really unique. Places like Switzerland though may be too expensive to visit for longer periods of time so don’t forget to consider this. Also the currency you earn your income in will be converted into the local currency so you may also want to think about which country/currency combination works best for you to minimise your cost of living.

Quality of life

Quality of life is also important and a factor which you can weigh up against cost of living to get a good idea of which places may be suitable. Some places have a low cost of living but also a low quality of life (avoid those places) however some like Thailand can have a low cost of living but come with a good quality of life. Quality of life can be measured by these factors:

  • Safety and crime rates
  • Currency/cost of living
  • Food and drink quality
  • Accommodation quality 
  • Ease of living
  • Public transport
  • Political situation and stability 


Although safety is an obvious thing to consider, we wanted to re-iterate this, just because your personal safety is paramount before anything else. Please carefully consider where you are going to visit, i.e. at the moment Syria would not be a good option. Further to this you need to consider who you are travelling with, so if you are on your own then you may wish to travel to a place which is safe to travel to in this way. If you go to some countries like remote India then as a female you need to be doubly as careful and take no risks out on your own at night. The global peace index is a good place to start your search!

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