When we first found about Win The Lifestyle we couldn’t believe what we were reading, somebody was giving away a beautiful Eco-Guest house in Ecuador! We decided to get in touch with the people behind it to learn more and to ask if they could answer a couple of questions for us. They immediately accepted and this were there answers:

1- First of all please introduce yourselves, who’s behind Win The Lifestyle?

Hi there we are Rebecca and Doug Greenshields, avid travellers, lovers of all things different and the owners of the wonderful La Casa Verde !

2- What was your occupation before moving to Ecuador and when/why did you decide to change your lifestyle?

Doug was managing an agricultural business and i was an analytics manager in the finance sector. Our lifestyle at that time was like most, doing the daily grind and paying the bills, and getting one day per week to “celebrate life” as it were.

It’s very difficult to reach that elusive work/life balance,we kept getting told all about it in magazine advertisements, but up until then we knew no-one who had actually achieved it! so in 2005 we decided that we would take a leap of faith and quit our jobs in search of an alternative that would really give us the lifestyle we wanted.

3- What is the prize and how can we participate in the Win the Lifestyle draw?

The prize is our successful Eco Guest house, La Casa Verde  situated between the gateway to the Amazon rainforest and the Andes mountains of Ecuador.

You can participate by simply going to our website www.winthelifestyle.com. There you can purchase an e-book which automatically gives you a free ticket in to the draw to win!  The more copies you purchase, the more times you are entered, you don’t even have to read the book! (it is a good read though, just send the extra copies to your friends and relatives!)

4- When and where will the draw take place?

The draw will take place at La Casa Verde through Facebook live on the 29th April at 9.00pm GMT, which is 4pm  Ecuador time.

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5- Why did you choose Baños as the place to build La Casa Verde?

Baños is a safe small town, but big enough that it has all you need. It is also in the ‘goldilocks’ zone as far as climate goes with spring like conditions for most of the year. We wanted the right climate to be able to grow fruit and vegetables year ’round, and also a tourism niche to slip into. After 12 months of travel searching for a place, we found Baños and it ticked all of the boxes for us.

6- What does a typical day managing La Casa Verde look like?

First thing is have a chat with our guests over breakfast and help them plan their day with activities or excursions if required.

Most guests are out and about for the day by around 10am so then it is a case of make sure the house is clean and tidy and instruct staff accordingly.

Check and enter any new reservations and if it is market day, which is Sunday, Wednesday or Friday go and do the shopping if needed.

Most new guests arrive around 4 in the afternoon due to bus timetables, so it is a case of meeting and greeting. There are no fixed times for anything, which keeps it interesting, it all depends on how many guests there are and what type of person they are. Some love to sit and have a chat, others like their privacy and some are out there experiencing all that Baños and it’s surrounds have to offer. That’s the great thing about the job for us, the spontaneity and variation.

7- And a day off in Baños?

We like being out in nature so we go hiking in the mountains or the forest, or a bike ride which usually includes a swim under one of the numerous waterfalls.

Often on a day off, one of us will tag along as a translator for our guests on an amazon tour. We like the hot thermal springs in town or we might do some work in the garden down the back. There are so many activities here that we are never bored.

8- Why did you decide to draw La Casa Verde?

We always like to do things different and interesting for starters. We have also had so many people say to us that they would love to do what we are doing. Unfortunately for them there is always an excuse at the end of that statement as to why they can’t.

 So we wanted to come up with something that would eliminate any reasons that are holding people back from going and living their ultimate lifestyle as well. With the draw, they don’t need much money, just enough for a ticket. If they win, they get the whole thing and enough cash to buy an airfare and a visa, with more than enough left over to get up and running in their new lifestyle!

We started out with very little, but we made it happen. Now we want to make it happen for someone else.

9- What are you’re plans for the future? 

We are not 100% sure, la casa verde is a hard act to follow!  Change is good and we will always be doing something different i think. Something to do with the outdoors and tourism is definitely on the cards!

At The Nomad Guru we do think this is an amazing change  for anybody willing to change their lifestyle. We already have some tickets and our fingers crossed! Spread the word, share this post with someone who would love this lifestyle and let us know what you think in the comment section below!

Good Luck everybody!

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